Geraldine Georges

November 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Surrounding the search for fashion photographers I came across Geraldine George’s. I looked through her portfolio and unfortunately it wasn’t connected to fashion photography, yet her works presented a unique approach to the use of mixed media… I could say it had similarities to fashion but the intentions were obviously beauty related. Still I found her technique quite unique which may come in use to myself at some point throughout this module.┬áHer work is of great interest consisting of an entirely different approach to what I have researched prior to this. For Example…

The combination of both photography and graphics together portrays an artistic approach to both mediums. A simplistic form that is clean yet beautiful, it doesn’t overpower the piece. It’s outstanding to see what we can create now via the use of computers and particular programs in comparison to twenty years ago, which is when this sorts of technology was rare and probably even more complex! Georges exploration into both mediums portrayed together produce stunning works that cross into the world of Art hugely. I personally am really intrigued into sort of works like this, only knowing how to use the basic photoshop skills, whereas Geraldine Georges knows how use both photoshop and Illustration that creates this surreal imagery. It does have a familiar surrounding to past works of Art such as the “Dada” period which was an artistic revolution that evolved from an anti-war movement. Obviously her works don’t intend to portray a meaning, its just the idea of mixed media together. Her innovative approach is creative, using a colour photograph on top of black and white illustrations allows the audience to still view the main focal point.

It still amazes me what is possible today, the digital age itself is progressing everyday. I know this form is quite simplistic but it just shows how accessible these resources are and how we can digitally manipulate an image to what we want it to look like.

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